OMG, look at what it says on the receipt! Haha!

Indida day 2 126

Look, here! At the bottom! See?

Btw, Parthas does not have the most efficient paying system ever… Not in the slightest… After you’ve selected your items, you hand them over to one of the sales clerks who then goes to a desk to get the items scanned in. Here you are handed a receipt and the selected items remain at this desk. Then you have to go to the ground floor where you pay for said items and where you also get a stamp on your receipt and a new receipt as proof of payment. After this you go to the pick up counter where you show your stamped receipt and then receive your items… This takes a while and even if there aren’t any lines and you make it to the last counter quickly, you may very well end up waiting anyway because your items have yet to arrive…